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Watch yourself, it’s Pose Victorious

Pose Victorious

Jordan, Ross, Gav, Gordon & Jack - Pose Victorious

As they sit around in the front room of their manager’s apartment, Pose Victorious look back at their 12-month journey.

“I can’t quite believe it,” says Ross, the band’s amiable singer and guitarist.

“I’d always dreamed of playing live at Cabaret Voltaire…Now, here we are, playing the likes of The Dublin Castle in London, having our EP produced by Owen Morris and our songs on iTunes!” He leans back against the wall and smiles, justifiably proud of his band’s achievements.

Pose Victorious never had a plan. Although they’ve played every live opportunity thrown at them and practiced their sneakers off, it’s always been about having a laugh and a good time.

“We’re all really good mates,” says drummer Gav.

“Aye,” says rhythm guitarist Gordon, perching next to him on the side of the chair. “We know each other well enough to be honest and say what we think. That really helps when it comes to writing songs.”

"We’re friends first, bandmates second"

“We’re friends first, bandmates second,” says Ross. “Me and Gordon have known each other since we were eight. We all hang out together as well – and there’s no radges in the band either!” His bandmates laugh, nodding in agreement.

And you can hear Pose’s camaradarie shining through like a beacon in their music. Live and on record, their songs are great big slices of happiness, a guitar-driven sound that washes over you like sunshine on a summer’s day – Ross’s vocals like the ice-cold beverage of your choice to accompany the mood. It’s not good-time music: it’s great-time music…

Unfolding Edinburgh’s arms

“When we started, there were a lot of art-rock bands in Edinburgh,” says guitarist and backing vocalist Jack. “Their audiences would all stand around, dead serious with their arms folded.”

“Aye, we wanted to be different from that,” says Ross. “Now, after things like Haddowfest, we think Edinburgh’s changing.”

He’s referring to last month’s Camden Crawl-inspired music festival, a series of gigs in venues across town which featured a lot of local talent, including big names such as Idlewild, and bands from further afield such as Nine Black Alps. For a lot of Edinburgh music fans, it’s the kind of thing that’s already being talked about in reverential tones, like the city’s Spike Island.

"There’s definitely an Edinburgh scene"

“There’s definitely an Edinburgh scene now,” says Jordan, the band’s bassist. “Us, The OK Social Club and The 10:04s for starters. And everyone’s really supportive, there’s no competition there.”

He’s right: you can feel the headwind from a long-overdue movement in Edinburgh, and that’s a welcome thing. Although the bands he mentions are all different in terms of musical style, there is a real sense of shared attitude, common goals and a steadily-growing fanbase that’s creating a buzz you can feel beneath your feet.

“Promoters like We Luv Musik; venues like the Voodoo Rooms; fans that come to all the shows – there’s a really great vibe at the moment,” says Gav.

“And it’s a laugh,” says Ross. “We’re all mates with the other bands – there’s a kind of ritual now when one band plays, someone from one of the other groups will try and get up on stage with them!”

“Aye, that was a bit challenging at Haddowfest,” says Jack. “The stage at the Picture House was a bit too high when The 10:04s played…”

The band laugh again, cracking the kind of in-jokes that only best mates share.

Pose Victorious

Pose Victorious - friends to the end

Pose Victorious – and Why Not?

The future’s looking pretty bright for these boys. With a young, enthusiastic and committed manager behind them (Lee Alexaander) and advice from legendary producer Owen Morris readily available on tap, they’re setting their sights high.

“We love Edinburgh,” says Gordon, “but we feel like we’ve cracked it now.”

"We want to take a step up now"

“Yeah, we want to take a step up now,” says Jack. “We used to play every gig we were offered, but now we’re being more choosy – we want to gig to promote product.”

As things become a bit more serious for Pose Victorious, is there a danger it becomes less of a laugh; more like a business?

“It is like a business,” says Jordan. “But it’s different; it’s still dead exciting. Having to deal with ‘logistics’ like how we get from one end of the country to the other is the sort of thing we dreamed of. We’re having a blast.”

“And recording’s magic,” says Ross. “We’re in again soon laying down another EP, aiming to get that out in the summer.”

For now, the boys are enjoying themselves, delighted with the way things are going. Friends first, bandmates second: they’ve had a taste of victory and look set to gain even more fans with their winning combination of attitude and tunes guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Pose Victorious are all over the web. Check them out on link to MySpace, Facebook,, Twitter and see their tracks for sale on iTunes.

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