FEATURE – Miss Fitz-Poste’s Modern Mixers

Julie and Emily of Miss Fitz-Poste's Modern Mixers

Julie and Emily of Miss Fitz-Poste's Modern Mixers

“We’re both perfectionists and control freaks!”

Emily laughs as her business partner Julie nods in agreement.

“So we have high standards,” says Emily. “We want our events to be special and different – but above all, to be very high quality.”

Together, Emily and Julie are the masterminds behind Miss Fitz-Poste’s Modern Mixers, a fast-becoming unmissable event in Edinburgh’s social calendar.

Held monthly in Ghillie Dhu, these Sunday afternoon ‘tea dances’ certainly are special and different. Each is packed full of entertainment and is lovingly themed around a particular historical decade: recent examples include the 20s-based Deco Dance and Blitz Ballroom, which conjures up the spirit of 1940s Britain during WWII. Julie and Emily’s aim is to provide an environment for people to enjoy themselves – whether they like getting involved or simply sitting back and watching the fun.

“We want it to be like a private party in our home,” says Julie. “One where everyone’s invited.”

“We don’t want it to feel exclusive or cliquey,” says Emily. “We’ve had feedback that people were a little bit scared to come, but when they did they loved it.”

“It’s open to everyone – we want you to feel like part of the family. ”

The most recent Blitz Ballroom certainly had that ‘something for everyone’ feeling, with a joyful and welcoming atmosphere that was easy to relax within. From the wartime posters dotted around the room to the event tickets in the form of ration books: the attention to detail was impressive and created an immersive yet tongue-in-cheek experience.

Most attendees entered gleefully into the spirit of things: vintage dresses and hairstyles, military uniforms – one even dressed as an evacuee. And “Miss Fitz-Poste” returned the favour admirably, providing themed food and drink, entertainment and the hugely popular dance sessions where people could trot those foxes and swing that thing; or simply sit back and watch the experts.

Put your best foot forward at Miss Fitz-Poste's Modern Mixers

Put your best foot forward at Miss Fitz-Poste's Modern Mixers

Modern Mixers

Modern Mixers

“The dance taster sessions are very popular,” says Julie. “Our resident dancers teach the guests the steps, and then anyone who wants to can join in. It helps people feel included – we want these to be the kinds of events where you can come on your own, meet like-minded people and have a good time.”

Julie and Emily met at a charity event, where they each had stalls selling fashion accessories and vintage clothes. They soon discovered a common interest in the glitz and glamour of bygone styles – as well as a knack for organising social events and a meticulous attention to detail.

After several months of planning, Miss Fitz-Poste emerged on the social scene. Word quickly spread about the events and now they are proving extremely popular, attracting a mix of curious guests and eager regulars to their Sunday afternoon shindigs.

“The timeslot was carefully chosen,” says Emily. “It’s great for people from outside Edinburgh who want to come – and it also doesn’t clash too much with the rest of their weekend plans.”

“And they still have their Sunday nights to themselves,” says Julie. “And hopefully some great memories to take them into Monday morning!”

So, what next for Miss Fitz-Poste and her Modern Mixers?

“Our aim is to become a well-known name – a recognised brand like Vegas where everyone knows what to expect,” says Emily. “We’d also love to do some site-specific events, something even more immersive.”

“Blitz Ballroom is our most popular theme,” says Julie. “But we’re constantly researching new ideas, so you never know what we might unveil next!”

Hello to Berlin

Hello to Berlin

Their immediate plans are for their next event at Ghillie Dhu – Hello to Berlin. This will focus on the faded glamour and intrigue of Germany between the wars; a time when cabaret was at its height and the beautiful people only came out at night. It will feature what are now becoming Modern Mixers trademarks: period dance, music and performance wrapped up in an attention to detail that provides an immersive and original experience.

So – unique? Yes. Special? Definitely. And high quality? Unquestionably so.

But you needn’t just take our word for it: head along to the next Modern Mixer event and experience some of that good-time entertainment and magical glamour that one of their fabulous parties provide.

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