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Bainbridge Presents

Bainbridge Presents

As well as housing a number of rehearsal and music practice rooms in Leith, Great Junction Street Music Studios is also home to Bainbridge Presents, a promotion outfit who certainly believe in giving something back to the community.

Chris and Angus – the owners of GJMS and the masterminds behind Bainbridge Presents – want to use their facilities, gigs and attitude to help young bands and musicians get their music out there.

“We want Bainbridge to stand for quality music,” says Chris, in one of GJMS’s cave-like rooms. “All the bands we put on are ones we personally like ourselves.”

And there are many ways for Bainbridge-supported acts to get heard and get out there.

On the first Wednesday of each month, they hold This Is Not A Toga Party, a student and traveller-oriented night designed to introduce bands to new audiences.

“We’ll pick a headline act, then get three student bands to support them,” says Chris. “The students will bring all their friends, meaning the headline act often ends up with an audience they wouldn’t normally get.”

Then, on the Friday of the same week, Bainbridge run The Mine, showcasing some of Edinburgh’s freshest up-and-coming bands. All performers are given a free practice session at GJMS and a live recording of the gig; as well as advice on promotion and insights into the industry.

“We’ve found some great bands at these nights:” says Chris, “and they’ve found each other too. Hagana and A Fight You Can’t Win met at one of our gigs; they got on great and are now touring together.”

Bainbridge Presents also hold another regular evening entitled CD Quality. Here, the focus is on having bands on the bill who have CDs and EPs to promo, allowing them to play live and then sell their product.

CD Quality

CD Quality

With all this – plus of course running GJMS – you may think Chris and Angus have no time for anything else. Not so: together, they’re donating a large chunk of their time to Edinburgh’s talent of tomorrow.

“The Bainbridge Rock Academy is something we’re really excited about,” says Chris.

“It’s a week long workshop running from the 19th July, encouraging school kids to practice, take lessons and form bands together.”

“Angus and me met at school and have been playing music together ever since,” he says. “This is our way of giving something back.”

“We’ll give any bands that end up forming some free practice sessions and encourage them to stay together. We’ll promo and gig the best of them – get them on the bill with other ‘Bainbridge bands’, and teach them about the music business.”

This sounds an excellent way of encouraging young Edinburgh-based talent and fostering new music in the city. Through their contacts, Chris and Angus will also introduce the kids to others working around the field, such as producers, photographers – even journalists…

“We’re doing a lot with students from Jewel & Esk too,” says Chris. “This Is Not A Toga Party is really for them – we’d like to end up with this night being run by the students themselves, giving them all kinds of experience around live music, promotion and all the other fields that go with them.”

"This is our way of giving something back"

Chris and Angus want Bainbridge to be synonymous with quality; to have the name alone let audiences know they’re in for a good night.

On the strength of all the time they’re giving to kids and young people in the city, Bainbridge Presents is also building up a name for itself as forward-thinking and generous promoters who are helping discover and nurture the music we’ll be enjoying in the not-too-distant future.

We’re looking forward a great deal therefore to seeing and hearing what Bainbridge have to present next.

Keep up to date on Bainbridge Presents’ gigs and news on their Myspace page.

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