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Fudge Heaven

If there was such a place as Fudge Heaven, then it would come in the shape of The Fudge Kitchen on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. I have been purchasing sweet delights from here for years and popped in for another visit last week.

The Fudge Kitchen is situated on the section of the Royal Mile between North Bridge and St Mary’s Street (on the right hand side as you face downhill). General opening hours are between 10am and 6pm every day, with longer opening hours in summer to make sure that everyone can have their fudge and eat it.

There are constant demonstrations of the fudge making process in the shop on two giant marble tables.  It’s really quite something to see how the fudge is made and the confectioner makes it look so effortless.  I know that if I was to try my hand at it, the floors would be covered in fudgy goodness (and not on purpose!)

Fudge demonstrations

Finishing touches

The final stage is bringing the fudge together, to resemble one long piece which will harden a little before it’s cut and left to set.  If you time your visit well (or stay to watch the whole process) then samples of the freshly made warm fudge will be offered to you. 

I watched the whole process and eagerly waited my sample and savoured the flavour as the warm vanilla fudge melted over my tongue.

The fudges come in a variety of flavours and I have tried many of them over the years.  My favourite fudge is the classic chocolate one, or perhaps it’s the banoffee bonanza flavour – or even the rum n’ raisin.  Whatever flavour you chose, I doubt you would be disappointed.

Excellent range of flavours

My eagle eye spotted a new addition to the Fudge Kitchen range on the counter – fudge sauce!  I had to pinch myself to see if I had indeed died and gone to heaven and was lucky enough to sample some of this liquid fudge.  The classic toffee sauce tasted a bit like tablet that hadn’t set yet and would be perfect drizzled over some warm bananas or as a sweet kick start to the day, spooned into porridge.

New fudge sauce

I actually came up with a few recipes with the staff member of how to try the sauce and bought one of the rich chocolate fudge sauces to dip my summer strawberries into. 

If you don’t live in Edinburgh, or have sampled it whilst you were here and wish to indugle yourself again, you can order online or perhaps there is a branch in England closer to you.  The Fudge will keep for 10 days non-refrigerated or months if frozen upon purchase.  You can even order fudge as wedding favours or business gifts.

Definitely worth a look when walking on the Royal Mile and recommended from us.  Have a look at their website, follow them on twitter and read their blog.

Chocolate fudge goodness

Suitable for disabled?  Yes shop has ground even access and you there is plenty room to watch the fudge making process.

Fudge Kitchen, High Street, Edinburgh

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