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Sonic Dreams

Sonic Dreams opened today in St Andrew Square as part of the Edinburgh Science Festival and is open every day from 10am to 8pm, until April 17th.   The audio feast is a fusion of science and art and is an incredible acoustic experience which takes visitors into a 3D sound lab and transport them on a fantastical journey of sound to the heart of other places around the world.

Performances take place daily every 20 minutes and it costs £2 to enter this remarkable experiment.  Seating only 12 people, it’s advisable to buy your ticket as soon as you arrive in St Andrew Square so you are allocated a time as you cannot buy tickets in advance.   Whilst you’re waiting, you can have a look at the magnificent Steve Bloom Spirit of the Wild exhibition.

I took a seat on one of the small stools inside the pitch black, soundproof room, with 7 other people.  There is a member of staff that sits inside with you and the fire exit is the only light that can be seen in this very dark venue once the experience starts.

I don’t want to spoil the places you are taken to through this audio masterpeice, but it’s fascinating to work out what directions the sound is coming from and where it’s moving to.  The sounds I heard took me back to places from my world travels as well as every day noises I hear.   Despite the creators spending a long time writing and designing Sonic Dreams, when I was taken into the future to Princes Street in 2012 with ‘the sounds of the trams’ I had to let out a little laugh.  2014 maybe.

Dates aside, this is a wonderful journey into the world of 3D sound and an experience that shouldn’t be missed as part of the Edinburgh Science Festival.

It’s hard to say what age group Sonic Dreams is suitable for  as the room is completely dark and 20 minutes in duration.  I would personally recommend it for anyone aged 7 + (younger if they have no fear of the dark and can sit still for 20 minutes).  If you are at all claustrophobic or afraid of the dark, then Sonic Dreams is not suitable.

Suitable for disabled?   Yes, there is ramp access and room for wheelchairs within.

You can find more details about Sonic Dreams here.  

Sonic Dreams information

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