REVIEW – Muffins, Goldenacre


Delicious home baking

I am fortunate enough that this delightful cafe is a short distance from my house and have visited it many times over the years.  It is on the small side and often very busy, but you can take out their food as well.  Their speciality is the home baked cake related goods which feature all the usual suspects, but they also do simple breakfast rolls and light lunches.  

Breakfast Rolls

You can order full breakfasts, or just a filled roll like the sausage one pictured.  Choice of white or brown rolls, but a minor flaw is asking to put the sauce on yourself – they like to do it.  My personal favourite sweet treat is their vanilla slice which can’t be eaten without the cream gushing out of the sides.  Napkins are definitely needed when choosing this option.  

Vanilla slice

Tea and coffee is served in china cups and a range of soft drinks are also available.  Popular with locals who walk here as there is no parking directly in front but not the best place for mums with buggies as they have to be left outside, despite children being very welcome.  That rule is due to space restrictions, but it would be good if they bent them occasionally as they alienate a whole group of people.  

Certainly a fairly priced place and one that I will return to time and time again.  Can’t fault the food and service, but would love them to welcome the buggy brigade a little better.  

Suitable for disabled?   Yes, ground level, as are the bathrooms but not the biggest space to move around in.

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