REVIEW – Madeleine Patisserie, Stockbridge


Madeleine Patisserie


I grew up in Stockbridge and regularly return to wander through the streets and do a little bit of shopping.  I was intrigued to see another new shop opening, but especially because it had ‘patisserie’ in the title. 

This review is based on the normal two visits, but both times were takeaway, despite it also being an espresso bar. 

The decor is a little too stark for me to sit down and enjoy the cake with a cup of tea and the layout means people queuing to buy cakes will be standing beside you as you eat. 

They sell luxury cakes and desserts and the days I visited, they had macarons on offer at £0.80 each and a selection of 10 or so masterpieces around the £2.80 mark.  The difficulty is choosing which one to go for, but the staff member explained the range to me and I chose Geometrique Banna-Choc at £2.80 takeaway price.

The chosen one


The cake was carefully placed in a box for protection and I clutched it in my arms like it was dynamite about to blow, even choosing to drive home carefully so as not to ruin this creation.  Unpacking it with the gentlest of movements, I admired the creation from afar whilst mentally working out how I would eat it. 

The white chocolate dome contained a banana caramel filling that I thought would work well over the chocolate praline base.  I cracked the circular shell open and tasted the white chocolate.  It was sublime as it melted over my tongue and not at all sickly sweet like white chocolate can be.

Tasting had arrived


I tried a slither of the chocolate praline as the caramel banana filling oozed out of its’ shell.  This was equally sublime, but quite rich in taste on its’ own.  The best combination was taking a small forkful of praline with the banana caramel on top and enjoy this dessert in small portions rather than devour the creation in one swoop. 

Chocolate praline base


I could have easily bought a few of the offerings in Madeleine’s chilled cake cabinet, but will return to treat myself now and again.
Suitable for disabled?  Ground even access, but it is unknown about the bathrooms as I have not sat in this espresso cafe.
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