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White Hart Inn

 Graeme E Pearson is an Edinburgh man who has been singing to residents of Edinburgh and tourists for over a decade.  He sings both alone in a number of pubs around town and with his band, The Mutineers.  He also takes people on the only musical walking tour of Edinburgh which we reviewed last year.   

Last Sunday I headed out to see him sing in The White Hart Inn at the Grassmarket, which is one of his residency spots in Edinburgh.  It was hard to get a seat as the crowd gathered in this cosy pub to see Graeme play his set.  It’s hard to miss this tall Scotsman who wears tartan trousers and a tartan hat.  He said hello to everyone in the pub as he set up his sound system and explained who he was and what was about to happen (for the benefit of the tourists within). 

He played too many songs to mention, but there was a huge selection of Scottish songs that had the locals singing along and well known Beatles numbers and other classics.  Graeme had the audience singing along and eating out of the palm of his hand by the second song and entertained us with jokes in between.  He welcomed visitors from Italy and Germany in their native tongue and everyone in the bar enjoyed the set which was loud enough to appreciate, yet low enough in volume to still hold a conversation. 

Singing his heart out

 As the night progressed, more and more people looked through the windows of the pub to see where all the singing and cheering was coming from.  Vistors came inside and joined everyone in this mass sing along.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening of free entertainment in the heart of the Grassmarket with the option to buy CD’s and t-shirts (no hard sell and reasonably priced). 

Have a look at the clip of the second song of the evening. 


In Edinburgh, you can catch Graeme on the following nights 

Saturdays – Bobby’s Bar at 9.30pm   – Candlemaker Row 

Sundays – White Hart Inn at 9.15pm  – Grassmarket 

Mondays – The Black Bull at 9pm  – Grassmarket 

Wednesdays – The Mitre at 9pm – The High Street 

You can also catch him at other times and venues.  More information at the Graeme Pearson and the Mutineers website and the walking musical tour of Edinburgh, Oor Tours website

White Hart Inn, Grassmarket

Suitable for disabled?  Yes, the pub is on the ground floor as are the toilets, but it can be really packed out when Graeme is singing.

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