REVIEW – Child visit to City Art Centre/Science Festival


Edinburgh Spotlight Recommended!

We have already highly recommended the Edinburgh Science Festival and another visit today with a mini Spotlight member proved to be a roaring success.

We had pre booked 3 events, but managed to drop into a few others which require no booking.  First stop was in the ER workshop where the helpful staff explained all about cysts, keyhole surgery, cleaning wounds and taking blood.  The excellent nurse Kate talked the mini surgery team through the various procedured and then everyone was allowed a turn to try them out for themselves.

Using an endoscope in the ER workshop

After deciding she definitely wanted to be a surgeon, she attended the excellent ‘Unwrapping the Mummy’ workshop where she learnt about ancient Egypt and preserving bodies.

Unwrapping the mummy

Once this workshop was finished, she wanted to be ‘someone who wraps up mummies’ followed by another swift change of career after visiting the Jungle workshop.

Once our chosen 3 workshops were over, we dipped in and out of various places, including the excellent blood bar where she learnt to make scabs and gooey blood.  All of them are hands on activites and really good fun.

Gooey blood

We had our lunch in the picnic area on the first floor before making a DNA bracelet and inventing a chocolate cake making machine on the ground floor.  We were there for 5 hours in total today before she was too tired to concentrate any more, but was enthusiastic for returning another day.

The events at the City Art Centre finish on Saturday, but I really urge you to attend before this excellent festival finishes.

Making a DNA bracelet

Full details on the Science Festival website and in our previous article.

Suitable for disabled?  Yes, building is completely accessible.

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