Readers in the Spotlight #10 – Nekocherry

This week our Reader in the Spotlight is Aurora, who is the creator of the excellent Nekocherry. We also love her drawings of her life in Edinburgh.  You can buy her work in her Etsy shop and follow her on twitter.

Tell us a bit about yourself in a couple of sentences.  

I am from Sardinia (Italy), but at present I live in Scotland.  Ever since I was a little girl, I drew.  My first passion is comic strips, and when I was very young I attended Sardinian Comics School in Cagliari.  After I moved out to Milan where I took a  MSc in Psychology and attended a School of Theatre; I was also a freelance journalist.  I am really interesed in Autobiographical comics and I am organizing a workshop about this here in Edinburgh.  Moreover, I am trying to organize a creative group in Edinburgh, but in the meantime, you can visit my website or my facebook fan page.

At present I am attending some course in ECA and collaborate with a collective of artist based in Edinburgh called KnockMySocksOff.

What do you love about the city?

I have a special feeling about Edinburgh; I fell in love with it at the first glance.  I love fog in the meadows, the look of the buildings and also the way the city is able to surprise you:  just turn the corner, Edinburgh can become a forest, or a little lovely country…and it is like living in a fairytale land.   And it is also related in some ways to my Sardinia.   And I can’t forget to mention the people….People are lovely and warm and know how to welcome you.  I love Edinburgh People. 
What would you change about Edinburgh if you could?

Sometimes the weather, but this is part of the charm of the city.
Maybe It could be nice to have sea water warmer, I would love to take a bath in Edinburgh sea, but I am too scared about the temperature of the water…brrrrr
What are your must sees in town for visitors?

Craigmillar castle, Calton Hill, Hermitage of Braid, Forest Cafè, Morningside shops, Greyfriars churh, Rosslyn Chapel and…could anyone stop me?  I have too many places to suggest. 
Favourite Street or area and why?

Difficult difficult difficult question, I love Water of Leith and the Botanic gardens.  I would love to live in Dean Village, near the river.  This is a very magic place, it is soaked with poetry and mystery. Visiting this place is like to jump in Alice in Wonderland book.   I drew an episode of my comics about this, but I would like to write/draw more.

Where would we find you relaxing in Edinburgh ?

Clarinda’s tea room, Anteaques tea house or in the Meadows.  It is like to live for an afternoon in 1800, I love this sensation and it is also so good for inspiration.

When you are out of town, what do you miss about Edinburgh the most?

The people. The green, in particular the trees, trees in Edinburgh have a special soul; and the sky. Like a friend of mine once said: look at Edinburgh Sky, in every season, with every weather, it is always beautiful….and that’s absolutely true.

If you had 24 hours in town before you had to leave forever, what would you do?

Go on the top of Arthur Seat very early in the morning to see the dawn, then spend the morning in farmer’s market near the castle, have fish lunch in The Ship on the Shore, a stroll in the Botanic gardens and near the river in the afternoon, have a tea in Stockbridge and then have a great dinner in the Witchery with all the people that I love.  I have never tried this place, I am so curious!  And then dance ceilidh until midnight!  I would take also a lot of Polaroid pictures.

Any interesting stories you know about Edinburgh?

Edinburgh has so many stories to say, some of them are inside my comics “My life in Edinburgh”. I arrived just 8 months ago, I let this city surprise me day by day.

Sum up Edinburgh in 5 words or less.

Magic, mystery, poetry, alchemy, hail

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