EVENT – Sticky Parkour is coming to Edinburgh on Tuesday

Sticky's adventure

Johnny ‘Sticky’ Budden is an ultra endurance athlete who is currently Edinburgh bound as part of a 1000 mile parkour challenge in aid of Motor Neurone Disease.  Parkour is defined as “the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within one’s path by adapting one’s movements to the environment”.  In basic terms, it’s running and jumping over buildings and street furniture using only the human body.  

You can track Sticky via his GPS location to see where he is at any given time as part of his journey from John O’ Groats to Paris.  He started his challenge with a 100 mile non-stop ultra parkour marathon and after completing the gruelling first stage had 900 more miles ahead of him.   Sticky is loving the hospitality and sights in Scotland so far and is due to arrive in Edinburgh on Tuesday 27th April.  He tells me he will be “heading straight for the castle” so pop along to see him and marvel at his athletic abilities, parkour skills and give him a warm Edinburgh welcome.  He is expected to arrive at 12noon. 
The excellent Illegal Jacks restaurant  has offered to feed Johnny and his crew and it’s expected that his legion of Edinburgh fans will be supporting him on his journey through town.
Please make a donation to help him reach his monetary target.   You can also follow his updates via his website and blog, watch his youtube channel, become his fan on facebook or follow him on twitter.

Johnny 'Sticky' Budden


Johnny ‘Sticky’ Budden has enjoyed running and jumping all of his life which began in 1987, ever since both his eyes fitted in a single eye hole on his first spiderman mask.    

In terms of a Professional resume, at school he reached county level at 3 different sports. It was then he made the decision to follow his heart. Five years on, the efforts of him and his close friends have been an integral part in bringing the art of Parkour into the global consciousness. Since starting in 2001, he has constantly worked alongside companies, businesses and movie production teams from a wide range of fields to promote, perform, teach and demonstrate this dynamic, vibrant art in a positive and safety-conscious light.  

He has worked with Oscar award winning movie director Anthony Minghella, provided lots of consultancy, choreography and stunt services, worked with a host of renowned performance choreographers such as Gary Lloyd, Kim Gavin and Gavin Walker along with stunt coordinators from the film World such as Julian Spencer, Marc Cass, Steve Dent, Tom Lucy and Gary Powell.  

He has also carried out high-profile projects with a number of the world’s most innovative companies/organisations, including commercials for the likes of Swatch watches, Mercedes Benz, Adidas performance clothing, Hewlett Packard, Land Rover, Boost Mobile, Vodafone, Nokia phones and Speedstick\Colgate. He has have recently been teaching the Royal Marine Commando’s and the Metropolitan Police force as well as Jack Osbourne and Jude Law.  

He is sponsored by a couple of popular big brands for different things and has been featured regularly on television for a numerous amount of channels such as, BBC, Sky sports, MTV, Spike TV, ITV, extreme sports channel, channel four, and the National Geographic Channel.

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