EVENT – Meet the Yotties at Britannia, 19-23 April

The Royal Yacht Britannia is one of our recommended attractions for tourists and residents alike.

From 19-23 April, visitors will have a rare opportunity to meet ex-crew members of this regal old lady of the seas, as 60 ‘Yotties’ (Royal Yachtsmen) will be returning for a special reunion. In their distinctive white overalls, the Yotties will be joining the attraction’s regular maintenance staff to work on restoring one of the Yacht’s escort boats, as well as other tasks to help keep Britannia ship-shape.

During their duties, the Yotties will be only to happy to share their experiences with visitors, telling tales of what life used to be like on board when the Royal Yacht was in active service.

A fascinating attraction to visit at any time, the presence of the Yotties will help bring the history of the vessel to life.

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