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31st August – Tony’s Table has now closed as reported over at

Last week, I dined with my dad at Tony’s Table in North Castle Street and was treated to high quality food at reasonable prices.

Tony's Table, modern bistro

The restaurant is another string to the bow of Tony Singh, the man behind the fine dining at Oloroso.  We were seated in the main part of the restaurant, but there is a large communal table near the entrance which would be perfect for breakfast, or afternoon tea and cake.

My dad was explaining to me that Sir David Murray used to own the premises as its’ former existence as Cosmos, when,  just on cue, Murray walked into the restaurant with a dozen dining friends.  Tony’s Table is Singh and Murray’s joint venture and is doing well in an area saturated with dining choices.

The menu changes regularly, differing slightly in the evening from the lunchtime offerings.  My dad opted for the novel ‘Desperate Dan Pie’ (£7.95) which was labelled on the menu as coming topped with horns.   We questioned the friendly waitress, who confirmed there would indeed be two horns sticking out of the puff pastry.  Most of the dishes are served on their own, so an additional portion of roast potatoes was required (£2.50).

I ordered the pan seared salmon with herb crust, served on a bed of mash with white wine sauce (£9.95) and an additional side salad (£2.50).

We started on the fresh chunky bread and butter on the table (no charge) and was automatically served iced water.  There is an extensive wine menu, but since we were both driving, soft drinks were ordered.

Pan seared salmon

Our meals came in good time, but we were slightly disappointed that our promised cow horns in the pie were nowhere to be seen, but the holes for them were visible in the pastry.  The pie was generous in size and filled with tender chunks of beef with the topping being light and flaky.  The accompanying portion of  roast potatoes was ample and they were delicious.

My main course was nothing short of fish perfection.  The salmon flaked into pieces, with the herb crust working well with the white wine sauce.  No faults on the food here.  The side salad had been tossed in a beautiful balsamic dressing and included peppers, onions and tomatoes.

For dessert I opted for the orange polenta cake with creme fraiche and orange syrup at £4.95 and my dad plumped for the chocolate iced parfait full of almond and praline goodness, also £4.95.

Iced parfait dessert

Both desserts were well presented and the orange cake was light in texture and the combination with the creme fraiche and syrup was winner.  In the interests of this review, I felt compelled to try my dad’s dessert and it was indeed a chocoholic’s iced dream.

Time did not allow for coffee after our meal, but on what we saw and tasted, we would come back to Tony’s Table again.

My only niggle about the experience is that the place is furnished as fine dining restaurant and diners were in suits and smart clothing.  The staff however, were in jeans and very relaxed and it just didn’t seem to work.  We were also disappointed that we didn’t get to have the full experience of the Desperate Dan pie with horns, that picture would have made me laugh for a long time to come.

On a personal note, this place is the first time I have been allowed to pay for lunch for my dad and just want it noted in black and white that I did so 😉

Suitable for disabled ?  Partially.  The large communal is on ground level, but the main dining room os up a few stairs, but there is a fire exit on the main street that could be used for an entrance.  The bathrooms are on the dining room level.

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