REVIEW – Heaven (A Play, A Pie, And A Pint) at The Traverse


Heaven is the opening show of the Traverse’s A Play, A Pie, And A Pint season, which sees 5 short plays run throughout lunchtimes in March, with the pie & pint (or beverage of your choice) included in the £10 ticket price.

A short, 30-minute piece by Simon Stephens, Heaven is set in the departure lounge of an airport and depicts the meeting between the elderly and enigmatic Kyle (Sean Scanlan) and the edgy, guarded Sean (Robert Jack). The first half of the play is comic in tone, and Scanlan shows some precision timing as he deadpans through an increasingly-absurd exchange between the two men. In the latter part, things take a darker, more ambiguous turn; we start to question what Sean is escaping from, and the identity of the mysterious Kyle himself.

Directed by Dominic Hill, Heaven is an intriguing, indirect piece which doesn’t outstay its welcome. It turns satisfyingly from a Two Ronnies-ish skit into a more existentialist work, which leaves as many questions hanging as it answers. A marvellously surreal ending adds to the ambiguous tone; though those who prefer clarity and closure may find it a little too obtuse.

Heaven runs at The Traverse Theatre at 1pm every day until Saturday 6th.
More details on the website.

PS – the vegetarian haggis pie gets 5 stars from me…

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