REVIEW – Balanced Fitness & Physiotherapy, Stockbridge

Entrance up the lane

Balanced Fitness and Physiotherapy is a wonderful well being centre at North West Circus Place,  Stockbridge.  The Balanced Fitness in the name is the ‘place to get fit’ and the Balanced Physiotherapy part  is the ‘place to get better’.

Determined to live a healthier life in 2010, I decided to make an appointment with one of the physiotherapists and was allocated Judith Paterson, but all of the staff are well qualified in different fields.

I have various aches and pains from numerous sports related injuries over the years and am aware that I need to correct my posture.  I discussed my past and present health with Judith who proceeded to recommend one or two exercises I could do dotted throughout my daily routine.

Typical treatment room

It was then suggested that the Bowen Technique would be appropriate to my health diagnosis and problems.  This is a holistic therapy which is only carried out after full assessment.  The Bowen Technique is gentle manipulation of soft tissue over specific points which often correspond with acupuncture points.  The treatment was conducted whilst I was fully clothed, but light and loose clothing is required to be worn.

Judith spoke through everything she was doing and at no time did I feel awkward or uncomfortable.  The process is slightly strange to those who have perhaps not received alternative treatments before, as Judith had to leave the room for a couple of minutes at a time after working one area to allow my body to respond.

My first session lasted 30 minutes and Judith was able to tell me several things about my health afterwards which made sense.  I did get full marks for being hydrated (I mainly drink water and herbal tea) but after my recent holiday abroad, my muscles were very tight.

Judith then showed me how to stand correctly and talked me through an exercise for my posture to make sure I was doing it the right way.  I liked how I was given two exercises to start with as in previous years I have found physios can bombard you with what you should do be doing all at once which leads you to being overwhelmed and not doing any of them.  Judith is a very approachable woman which is a necessity when dealing with health issues.

I was shown around the rest of the facilities and looked on impressively at the gym that is housed in the building.  You can get a fitness assessment from the relevant staff who will then help you work out an exercise programme suited for your needs.

Well equipped gym

I looked at the kettle bells and various other equipment in the gym whilst one of the trainers explained that they do a variety of strength and cardiovascular training, alongside yoga and pilates and have even devised a programme for circuit training on the Wii Fit.

It’s been a week since I visited for my treatment and I do feel better with fewer aches and pains.  My posture exercises have been completed daily when I’ve been at traffic lights or sitting on the bus and I have been endeavouring to stand correctly.  It’s taking a little getting used to, but I am getting there.

I am no medical sports expert and would have to research terms such as  ‘sub maximal aerobic testing’  but have every confidence, that no matter which treatment you required, you would be dealt with professionally and competently by all of the staff working at this Stockbridge centre.

I am returning shortly for my next treatment and will chart my progress in this article.  It may be 11 weeks into 2010, but I am determined to live a healthier and fitter life this year and Balanced Fitness and Physiotherapy  are helping me achieve my aim.

35-37 North West Circus Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh EH3 6TW.  Telephone 0131 225 5390 and is next to Lindsay & Gilmour Chemist.

Suitable for disabled?  Yes, completely as there is ramp into the building and the rooms are on the ground floor.

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