Reader in the Spotlight #7 – Jane Lock

1. Tell us a bit about yourself in a couple of sentences

London rat race escapee, Edinburgh resident since 2005, part time shop assistant, jewellery tutor and designer. Check out for examples of my work.

2. What do you love about the city?

I love the fact that almost everything is within walking distance; friends, shops, galleries, cinemas, restaurants, history and beautiful land and seascapes.

3. What would you change about Edinburgh if you could?

The weather of course!

4. What are your must sees in town for visitors?

The National, Modern Art & Dean galleries, all the specialist independent shops that don’t seem to exist anywhere else, the view of Fife from the top of Dundas Street, the Botanics, cocktails at Oloroso, lunch at Amore Dogs, dinner almost anywhere along The Shore, Valvona & Crolla, the Camera Obscura and much, much more than I have yet to discover for myself.

5. Favourite Street or area and why?

Stockbridge. I am biased; I work and live there. But what’s not to love? So much on the doorstep, I sometimes forget to go anywhere else.

6. Where would we find you relaxing in Edinburgh?

At home, beading!

7. When you are out of town, what do you miss about Edinburgh the most?

The scenery, the people, the pace of life and in the summer the long, long days.

8. If you had 24 hours in town before you had to leave forever, what would you do?

I probably ought to climb Arthur’s Seat, but I’m much more likely to gather all my friends and family together in Hanam’s for a substantial feast.

9. Any interesting stories you know about Edinburgh?

Not yet, but I’m listening…

10. Sum up Edinburgh in 5 words or less.

Eccentric, eclectic, surprising, home.

Thanks Jane!

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