NEWS – Expansion plans for Camera Obscura

The Camera Obscura

The Camera Obscura

We were impressed by a recent visit to the Camera Obscura, so we’re excited to learn of the attraction’s planned developments for this, its 175th year of operation.

Work is currently underway to expand into the top two floors of the adjoining ‘Ragged School’, which will see the two buildings linked by a glass walkway allowing visitors to enjoy unique views of the surrounding city.

The new space will be home to some new and innovative optical illusions, including a ‘morphing machine’ which will allow you to see yourself as a different gender, age or race; and a mirrored maze which will delight and confuse in equal measure.

Many more quirky and hands-on items will be included, adding to those already housed in the main building as part of the ‘World of Illusions’ exhibit.

The development is on track to open in June this year, and we’ll definitely be amongst the first to be perplexed, entertained and bamboozled by all the fun-sounding new attractions and activities on offer.

Check out the Camera Obscura website to be kept up to date on progress and news.

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