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One beer-fuelled evening whilst on holiday in the US, two Edinburgh-based brothers had an idea. Their city’s music scene was in need of a kick up the backline: they shared a dream of creating an Edinburgh scene and an environment where bands could play, meet their fans and get their music heard.

Jay & Lee of We Luv Musik

Jay & Lee of We Luv Musik

Less than 6 months later, We Luv Musik held their first gig night, in January 2010.

“It was a great success,” says Lee, hardly pausing for breath as he remembers his promotion company’s first outing. “We got great feedback from the bands and punters alike.”

“We want to put on the kind of shows we would like to see,” says Jay. “Most gig nights end at 10pm; ours go on til a lot later, and the bands we put on stay around and hang out with the punters. It’s a great atmosphere.”

"We want to put on the kind of shows we would like to see."

Their second night in February was just as successful, drawing talent from outside Edinburgh. The buzz was beginning to start.

“We’re mainly putting on unsigned bands at the moment,” says Lee. “We try and get four bands to play each night: a mix of new & breaking acts plus a couple of more established bands to headline. Then we always have a DJ or two playing at the end.”

“We’re not in it for the money,” says Jay. “Any profit we make at the moment’s going straight back into the business.”

There’s a real chemistry between the brothers, with Lee and Jay constantly talking over each other and finishing each others’ sentences.

“We share a flat together,” says Jay, “and that makes things easier – we’re constantly running through to each others’ rooms with new ideas.”

“Even though the flat’s a mess,” laughs Lee. “Posters, t-shirts and stuff lying about everywhere!”

We Luv Musik - keeping it in the family

We Luv Musik - keeping it in the family

The boys’ dedication and enthusiasm is already paying dividends. The likes of legendary music producer Owen Morris have sat up and taken notice, being quoted as saying We Luv Musik are his top choice of promoters.

“We’re lucky we’ve got a great team behind us,” says Lee modestly. “A great sound guy, a top photographer and some great friends. All good people.”

"We’ve got a great team behind us."

“The likes of The Voodoo Rooms have been great as well,” adds Jay. “They’ve been really supportive; giving us loads of good advice and letting us put our nights on in their biggest venue, The Ballroom.”

We Luv Musik are going from strength to strength, with some exciting gigs and bookings ahead, such as The Stone Roses Experience on 3rd April.

“The honeymoon period’s over,” says Jay. “We need to get our heads down and get on with it now.”

“The diary’s filling up,” says Lee, showing me a notebook crammed with dates and gigs. “And we’re in talks with others in and around Edinburgh to take We Luv Musik even further. There’s even a We Luv Elektro splinter night starting up soon.”

The We Luv Musik brothers’ energy and good-natured enthusiasm is infectious. After meeting them, I feel excited and optimistic for them – and the Edinburgh music scene in general.

Look out for those signature We Luv Musik t-shirts, bound to be appearing at pubs and clubs near you very soon.

We Luv Musik

We Luv Musik

“We just thought the name and logo summed up what we’re trying to do,” says Jay. “We just hope the I Love New York people don’t sue!”

Check out We Luv Musik’s website for details of all their upcoming gig nights and other news.

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