EVENT – Fitness session with Craig Ali, 25% proceeds to charity

 Total Movement workshop with Craig Ali, Saturday 17th April, 10am – 1pm

Get fit with Craig Ali

Looking to improve your energy well-being? 

Want to reduce your back and neck pain? 

Need to manage your stress levels better? 

If so,  the Total Movement workshop covering Levels 1 & 2 can help achieve all of these and more.   Craig Ali is taking the session and  the investment is £45 per person. 25% of the fees of all Total Movement Workshops will be donated to Lynne McNicoll’s – It’s Good 2 Give charity,  which helps young cancer sufferers and their families. 

Craig  owns Craig Ali’s Total Health in Edinburgh which offers fitness training, lifestyle consultations, nutritional advice, motivation coaching and thai massage.  He is also personal trainer to Mark Beaumont and Mark Cooper

The date for your diary is Saturday 17th April and it runs from 10am – 1pm at Room 4 Health, Tiso, Commerical Street, Leith. 


Details of workshop 

The workshop is a very light and basic workout that can benefit anyone from inactive & injured people through to serious athletes. 

 The system has been designed to build energy, freedom of movement and performance whilst reducing stress and tension. Who is it for?: 

– People rehabing from minor or extreme injury
– Anyone looking to improve posture
– People with neck, back and joint problems/pain
– Anyone wanting to improve their health & energy
– Athletes looking to improve their sporting performance
– Fitness professionals wanting improve their knowledge on mobility,
strength, flexibility & movement 

Total Movement has been used to improve the health of a varied range of individuals from executives to pensioners. The programme has also been implemented to improve the performance of many top level sportsmen including martial artists, football players and ultra-endurance athletes. Craig currently used the system to help Mark Beaumont recover from his world record breaking cycle round the world and prepare him for his next ultra endurance event with great success. 

There are different levels of the system to be worked through but everyone has to start at level one to cover all the basics. The belief is that true strength and freedom of movement cannot be achieved unless basic breath control, joint mobility, flexibility and posture are achieved first. The order of the system is:
• Level 1: Breathing & Basic Mobility
• Level 2: Flexibility & Postural Strength
• Level 3: Advanced Mobility & Core Strength
• Level 4: Body Weight Strength
• Level 5: Strength Through Multi-Joint Movements
• Level 6: Advanced Strength Through Movement
• Level 7: Dynamic Strength & Plyometric Power (for athletes) 

Levels 1 & 2 cover breathing, mobility, flexibility & posture exercises to help improve energy, movement and function whilst reducing stress and tension. Many of the routines and exercises you would recognise from yoga, pilates and tai chi. 

You can also contact Craig Ali to find out more or book your space: craig@craigalihealth.com

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