REVIEW – The Scott Monument


Stunning views of Edinburgh from the Scott Monument

The Scott Monument, Princes Street Gardens

If you visit Edinburgh, we suggest you make a trip to go up the Scott Monument. On a clear day, you get great views in all directions and get to see Edinburgh landmarks from another angle.

Edinburgh Castle and Princes Street Gardens

It can be windy up there and if you are of a larger build, then you might want to stop at the 3rd floor as the stairs to the top floor gets really narrow and windy. As you walk up to the very top, you have to announce you are coming up or going down as there is no way that two people can pass each other above the first two landings.

There are 287 steps in total, you can even get a certificate to prove you made it to the top!

Looking over to Arthur’s Seat and the Old Town


Admission is currently £5 (June 2016) and is worth every penny. There are only stairs to the top of the monument. More information and opening times can be found here.

Opening hours:

April through September: Monday – Saturday 10am – 7pm; Sunday 10am – 6pm.
October through March: Monday – Saturday 9am – 4pm; Sunday 10am – 6pm.

Looking north

Cracking views