REVIEW – Lava and Eden, shops in Cockburn Street

Cockburn Street shop

Lava is a fabulous gift shop in Cockburn Street.  If I have to buy a present for someone who is hard to buy for, I always manage to find something in here.  They do a great retro section including Beatle memorabilia as well as other names lines such as Wonderwoman, Betty Boop, Star Wars, AC DC to name a few.

Slightly more ‘adult’ cards are available, so be wary of that if entering with children who can read, but perfect for getting a message across!  Little trinkets, gadgets and accessories fill the rest of the shelves, some of which are extremely kitsch.

The items are all priced reasonably which is an added bonus and I very rarely leave here empty handed.

Cockburn Street shopping

A neighbouring shop on Cockburn Street is Eden.  This is a wonderful place for for novel items that women seem to love.  Candle stick holders, African carvings, scented candles, soft furnishings and picture frames.  They also have an Edward Monkton section selling his humourous cards and merchandise.

The gifts are reasonably priced, but the furniture can be quite expensive, so keep an eye out when they have a sale on as bargains can be had. 


If you need to buy a present for someone in a hurry, then head to Cockburn Street and you can solve all your problems with a visit to only two shops!

Suitable for disabled ?    Yes, both shops have ground even access.

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