REVIEW – Inverleith Park Playground

Inverleith Park

Inverleith Park has a good playground for children within its boundary.  It’s fenced off with gates so no dogs can get in and more importantly, no young kids can get out.

The theme of the park is nautical, with a ship split into different sections.

Climbing frame

This climbing frame is definitely for older kids, I would say four and up, as it takes some coordination and bravery to ascend the rope wall.  There isn’t any other access for adults to make emergency rescues!

Front of ship

This is the front of the ship and is an excellent space for children to explore and shout out loud from the top.  There is a steering wheel to help ‘drive’ the ship with several ways to get to up and down.  A mini member of the Spotlight team now prefers just to ‘jump’, so it’s good that there is soft rubber ground to land on.


These are the main swings, but there is also a set of two with basket style seats suitable for babies and toddlers.  There is also a smaller climbing frame with a slide suitable for the youngest of park lovers.  A see saw and a couple of interactive toys complete the playpark

There are no toilets in the park, but now the John Hope Gateway has opened at the Botanics again, you can use the toilet facilities there.  There are some metal benches for adults to sit on and carefully watch their youngsters.

A great little playpark in the heart of Inverleith Park and right next door to the Botanical Gardens.

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