REVIEW – Earthy Foods, Southside


Earthy Foods on Ratcliffe Terrace are dedicated to seasonal, local and organic produce.  They certainly have a huge list of suppliers.  There is free parking on site for customers and the garden is slightly strange, but most certainly fun!

Earthy Food's garden

A set of stairs leads down to the main entrance and although there is a ramp down to the door, the main shop is up a flight of stairs.  A seating area outside is available in warmer months and it really is a little oasis away from the city noise.

Main entrance

As you enter this door, there is a seating area to the left where people are chilling out, talking over fair trade tea and coffee and munching on baked organic goods.  You have to order from the main ‘yum cafe’ up the stairs, but this room is perfect if you don’t want to eat in the actual store.

Inside Earthy Foods

Everything organic you can possibly think of is on sale here.  You can do your weekly shop for fruit and vegetables, alongside collecting wonderful loaves and rolls.  There are juices, dips, crisps, jams and pickles  to name a few.  Being organic, the prices are a little higher than if you shopped in Tesco, but the quality is evident in all their ranges.

The Yum Cafe is situated at the back of the store and has a little seating area.  There is a good selection of foods, both savoury and sweet to choose from aswell as a good range of drinks.  The ever so fabulous Rainbow Cupcakes supply the organic cakes here and they alone are worth the trip here.

Earthy Foods are open 7 days a week.

Suitable for disabled ?  Despite the ramped access to the entrance, the shop is upstairs, but it would be possible to stay in the downstairs part of the cafe to enjoy the food.

The sign is not wrong

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