PREVIEW – Pobby & Dingan, Brunton Theatre (25-27 Feb); Traverse (3-6 March)

Pobby & Dingan pre-production shot

Pobby & Dingan pre-production shot

Most children who have invisible friends grow out of it. 12 year-old Ashmol thinks that’s what’s happened when his younger sister Kellyanne complains that her playmates Pobby & Dingan have disappeared. But then Kellyanne becomes ill, worsening as Pobby & Dingan’s absence grows longer. From his family home in the Australian outback, Ashmol puts his scorn and doubts behind him and sets off on a quest to save his sister.

Pobby & Dingan is the latest production from the award-winning Catherine Wheels Theatre Company, a group based at the Brunton Theatre in Musselburgh who specialise in children’s theatre. Adapted from Ben Rice’s short story by playwright Rob Evans, the show is a contemporary fable for children ages 8 and above.

Featuring a cast of four actors directed by Gill Robertson, Pobby & Dingan promises laughs, sadness and pathos with a set & soundtrack which evokes the heat and dust of the outback; and the magic and mystery of the story’s strange characters.

Although aimed at children, the play looks as though it will appeal to anyone who has witnessed the wonder of childhood and the passion & conviction of belief.

The production’s run at the Brunton Theatre and Traverse mark the start of a short Scottish tour.

Tickets for the Brunton Theatre shows can be ordered online here, and for the Traverse here.

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