INTERVIEW – Nina Barough, Walk the Walk

  Edinburgh Moonwalk 2010 – Saturday 19th June

Nina Barough CBE

Nina Barough is one amazing woman and is the founder of Walk the Walk which raises millions of pounds for cancer related charities.  You can read more about how it all started.  

This year’s Edinburgh Moonwalk takes place on Saturday 19th June 2010.  There are still spaces  for the 2010 Edinburgh Moonwalk but entries will close as soon as all the available spaces are taken and at latest, mid March. You can enter online here.  

In the last few years, the Scottish moonwalks have raised over £9 million for breast cancer causes in Scotland.  Why not take part yourself in 2010 ?  If you are not able to do the full 26 mile walk, there is the 13 mile option or you can volunteer.

Edinburgh Spotlight and their extended family have been involved with the Moonwalk for years by taking part and volunteering at the events.  This year will see us volunteer again and support all our readers who are taking part.

Nina kindly took some time out of her very busy schedule to answer some questions for us which we hope will spur you on in your training or assist you in making a decision on taking part.

This year sees the 5th Edinburgh Moonwalk take place.  Have you been impressed with what Scottish people have achieved in raising money for Walk the Walk ?

They have done a truly amazing job, to date our Moonwalk Edinburgh supporters and walkers  have raised over £9 million, you can already see where this money is making a difference and over the next few months we will be announcing more grants.  
Does the Edinburgh Moonwalk differ from other events in any way in terms of atmosphere / people taking part?

“It makes the whole night feel like a huge tartan hug! 

All our challenges are different and unique in their own way, but the Moonwalk Edinburgh is very dear to all of us at Walk the Walk and certainly we all love being up there in June.  The atmosphere on the night is wonderful, there is just such warmth and camaraderie, it makes the whole night feel like a huge tartan hug! 

When walking yourself for exercise, do you listen to music or prefer to walk without it? 

I actually prefer to walk without music. Depending on my mood and what type of work out I am going for, I sometimes I use the time to sort through problems, sometimes to come up with ideas, sometimes as a time of meditation and sometimes to just enjoy some me time in beautiful surroundings! 
If we were to look in your fridge right now, what would we find ? 

Lots and lots of organic green stuff, salads and vegetables, it might sound dull to many but I love eating well, I am a complete  health nut. Apart from lots of pots of assorted  vitamins there is a selection of fresh herbs I love them in salads,  fruit, soya sausages, eggs, olives, some delicious goats cheese and believe it or not a corsage from my wedding 5 years ago.  A friend wanted to take it back to America and put it in my fridge to keep it fresh, but she forgot it, so I put it in a jam jar and it has been there ever since!
If you have any spare time, what do you like to do to relax ?

Um… with a baby of 16 months and running the charity there’s not too much time for that, that’s were walking comes in, and I do love spending time with my family in North Devon.  
If you could transport yourself to any part of the world instantly for the day where would it be and why?

Kerala or Rajasthan in India, I love the country, the culture and above all the people.
What advice would you give any person who is thinking of doing this years’ Moonwalk but not yet convinced they can do it?

“If you think you can you will

Anybody can do The Moonwalk you just have to decide that you want to do it. I have seen so many women and men over the years commit to taking part, with no idea of how they are actually going to achieve  it. Most of them have never done any regular exercise let alone taken part in a marathon, so you can imagine how exciting it is to see them cross the Finish Line. My motto is “if you think you can you will” so  just join up and be a part of a very wonderful and special night!
What’s the next on the agenda of your fund raising master plan ?
This year we have added our Celebrity SunWalk to our list of challenges which is a very different event for us. We are  in discussion to take the Moonwalk to both Ireland and America hopefully, and best of all if we can keep up our wonderful record of fundraising we can look at taking on some new projects. 

Thank you Nina, you are an inspiration to us all.

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