Hosemox are a three-piece Edinburgh-based band worshipping at the altar of US grunge rock.

Formed in 2001 by lead guitarist and vocalist Dom and drummer Stevo whilst they were at school, the band’s current line-up includes Simon from Australia on bass, who applied for a vacancy on Gumtree in 2008.


Simon and his inoffensive hairstyle

“The ad said hairstyle wasn’t important,” says Simon. “Hosemox’s influences were all the kind of bands I loved, so I applied and the rest is history.”

The band are happy wearing their influences on their sleeves, citing the likes of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Foo Fighters (“before they became crap”) and – their heroes – Mudhoney. Indeed, Hosemox were involved in last year’s Mudhoney Afteshow Party, a gig organised by local music promoters Inane Conversation which took place after the US band’s appearance at the Picture House. This was Dom’s brainchild.

“It may have been a bit cheeky,” he remembers, “but we even got a mention at the actual gig – ‘welcome to the Mudhoney DURING Party‘ – so we certainly created a buzz.”


The ads for the Mudhoney Aftershow Party are still up

Hosemox don’t believe in standing still – or in waiting to be asked.

“We’ve been gigging steadily around Scotland recently,” says Dom. “We’re releasing an EP in March, then taking that on the road in England in April.

Before that though, we’re appearing at the Peter Andre Aftershow Party on the 27th Feb…”

Sitting in the Edinburgh rock institution of Bannermans before their gig, I asked them about their thoughts on the Edinburgh scene.

“There’s loads of venues,” says Stevo. “And there seems to be a willingness in Edinburgh to go with the flow.”

“It’s a small city,” adds Dom. “You often stumble into people who are organising something and things can grow from there. It’s all about good timing and good organisation.”

Onstage, Hosemox emit just the right amount of slacker coolness. Dom stands, legs apart, facing the drumkit as the band play their powerful blend of rock riffs and grunge tunes. After a few numbers, they’re lost in their own music, Simon’s gaze fixed on the ceiling as Dom’s vocals dodge in and out of riffs and melodies which have an immediate hook.

Steveo’s drums provide a solid backline, and he adds backing vocals to a few numbers whilst continuing to hammer out beats and impressive fills on the kit.

In short, they gel onstage and their sound belies the fact they’re only a trio. The songs are strong – and being a veteran of The Year (US) Punk Broke myself, I’m at risk of turning into a fan.

One of Hosemox’s ambitions is to play a festival, and whilst the dark cavern of Bannermans suits their sound, imagining them showering a massive open-air crowd with their melodic grunge assault is appealing to say the least. I’ll be checking them out again as soon as my schedule allows and they come hotly tipped from me.

Though I doubt Peter Andre will be namechecking them on the 27th…

Check out Hosemox on MySpace.

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