FEATURE – Readers in the Spotlight #4 – Steven Sutterby


Steven Sutterby

1. Tell us a bit about yourself in a couple of sentences. 

I am open minded, creative in business and artistic when painting or taking photos.  I believe everything is possible  (with a little help from my friends).  I am an identical twin.  I love where I live and want to tell everyone about it.  See I Love Leith  or find me on twitter @iloveleith.

2.  What do you love about the city?

It’s easy to get about, lots of great free things to do so any one can enjoy it, visually inspiring, coastal location and equally important it’s easy to get away to open spaces.

3.  What would you change about Edinburgh if you could?

Simple. I would magic the trams here now!

4.  What are your must sees in town for visitors?

The top of Calton Hill for views and bearings, The Royal Oak Pub, The Royal Mile, the Botanics, Modern Art Gallery, and a walk down the Water of Leith.

5.  Favourite Street or area and why?

It’s an area and a street called the Shore. It’s got an amazing diversity of architecture, places to eat and drink, views of the working docks, reflections on the water and a big blue sky on a nice day.

6.  Where would we find you relaxing in Edinburgh?

The Shore Bar in Leith for a beer, the docks for a wee walk or Leith Links/Portobello Beach on a sunny day.

7.  When you are out of town, what do you miss about Edinburgh the most?

I miss not having so many good things on my door step. I always feel a warm rush when I get back like it really is home!

8.  If you had 24 hours in town before you had to leave forever, what would you do?

Coffee in the back garden at the Modern Art Gallery followed by a walk down the Water of Leith, great city sky line views en-route to the Shore. Eat at Martin Wishart’s and hope it’s as good as I have been told and spend the afternoon at the Shore Bar sitting with my legs hanging over the water. I’d leave pleased that I had been part of it.

9. Any interesting stories you know about Edinburgh?

Lots of people visit Edinburgh every year. Call it a holiday romance or an affair but lots of people fall in love with the place and never leave.

10.  Sum up Edinburgh in 5 words or less.

An international best seller!

Thank you Steven.

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