REVIEW – Photo Processing at The Digital Image Centre

By Miss Edinburgh (the amateur photographer of Edinburgh Spotlight)

The Digital Image Centre at 27 Elm Row is also known as A&M Image with its’ main processing centre at Newhaven.

Photo developers, 27 Elm Row

Photo developers, 27 Elm Row

I have been using this place since last year, but have only had them printed in big batches as it’s too easy to let the number of digital pictures mount up before developing.  I am old fashioned in that I like a hard copy of my pictures, but don’t develop every digital one I take (otherwise there would be thousands!)

I back up as best I can, but nothing beats holding a picture and remembering when it was taken and passing it around the room to show others.

I always get my photos printed in 7 x 5 size and with a matte finish and am pleased to say that The Digital Image Centre does both at a very reasonable price and much cheaper than Jessops and Boots.

The centre does all kind of photo developing such as reprints from negatives and slides, retro sets and scanning, Imacon flextight scanning, image recovery and still does film developing (all kinds possible).  Again, all done at competitive prices.  Within the shop, you can also get passport photographs taken and colour photocopying as well as normal black and white.

I dropped off my memory stick with all 848 pictures copied onto it ready for them to develop.  They also take CD’s of files and memory cards, but the latter is only good if you are wanting them all developed.  They do have a fuji screen system in the store for this that you can select which ones you want.

Considering I was getting 848 pictures developed, I was extremely pleased at the turn around of 24 hours or so (dropped off early Friday and collected Saturday afternoon)  but this time frame is not always guaranteed, it depends on your order.  If you are getting specialist large prints, then they have to go to Newhaven to be processed, it’s just really normal snaps that can be done in store and some reprints / enlargements.

I picked all my photos up, neatly packed in a box with my memory stick sellotaped to the front .  When I got home, I took them out the box where they will probably stay for another wee while till I can muster the energy to sort them all out and label them!

To sort out before Christmas

To sort out sometime

I am more than happy with their service and will only use them in future.  I can’t stand waiting at somewhere like Asda trying to choose which ones I want developed when getting so many done, the machine takes too long.

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Suitable for disabled ?     Yes the shop is accessible and on one level

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