REVIEW – Grand Cru, Hanover Street


Grand Cru, Hanover Street

Grand Cru is open for breakfast from 10am and is a lovely place to watch the world go by from one of the front windows whilst chomping on a bacon roll and drinking coffee.  

In the evening it’s an upbeat venue for dinner, but also a good place to have a drink. The atmosphere is different throughout the day.  

This review covers a brief visit in the New Year when my dining partner and I were looking for a light lunch as opposed to a big three course option.  

The staff warmly welcomed us and provided attentive service throughout, but because there were only two of us, we were not allowed to sit in the window seat for four despite a lone diner doing just that.  There are some low informal tables with comfy chairs alongside traditional tables and chairs for two and four. 

My dining partner had originally ordered some mussels after seeing a neighbouring diner’s portion, but was informed they had run out.  She opted for a classic ham and cheese panini at £4.95.  It normally comes with fries for that price, but she chose to forego the fries. 



It was a classic simple panini and reasonably tasty.  The portion of salad was a welcome bonus and was covered in a beautiful salad dressing.   I opted for a toasted steak baguette with Bearnaise sauce which also came with french fries at £4.95.  

Steak baguette


 The baguette did taste good and at that price, I wasn’t expecting lashings of meat, therefore I wasn’t disappointed with the portion size.  What I did eat was very tasty and gives me confidence for the rest of their menu.   The salad accompanying the meal didn’t have any dressing on it though. 

We were in and out within the hour and the table by the window we weren’t allowed was never was occupied whilst we were there.  

Suitable for disabled ?    No,  as there are the steps in the picture leading up to the bar and the toilets are actually Bar Napoli’s, the restaurant below Grand Cru!  

Grand Cru sign

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