REVIEW – CC Blooms

CC Blooms

CC Blooms

CC Blooms is the weird uncle of Edinburgh gay scene: it’s old, creepy and embarrassing, but you wouldn’t want rid of it altogether.  Named after Bette Midler’s character in ‘Beaches’, this dark and dingy meatmarket is Edinburgh’s oldest gay club and has gained infamy world-over; Margaret Cho even referenced it on her ‘Notorious C.H.O’ tour in 2001. 

In general the clientele is significantly older than that of its neighbour and rival, GHQ, and drinks are ridiculously overpriced, but it’s nonetheless quite popular with younger clubbers as entry is free and it’s open from 7pm til 3am every day of the week.  The club’s two storeys are each composed of a bar and dancefloor, both as dirty, sticky and sweaty as the other, each blasting the dance, house and pop anthems that have become so standardized in gay clubs.  Dress code is practically non-existant; in fact, I’d advise against wearing anything nice to CCs, as after half an hour or so in there it will probably be irrevocably soiled.  In spite of its many flaws, the (very) occasional night out there can be fun in an ironic sort of way… Tragic, but it’s anything but pretentious.

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