REVIEW – Snow Globe, West Princes Street Gardens

The Princes Street Snow Globe is a new addition to Edinburgh’s Christmas this year and is proving to be very popular. It’s situated in West Princes Street Gardens now, beside the reindeer and Santa’s Igloo.

Groups of up to 6 people are allowed to enter the Snow Globe from the rear and pose as their photo is taken of them having fun in the artificial snow. It costs £10 for one photo, no matter how many people you have and additional ones cost £4.

Snowglobe in Santa's Garden

Snowglobe in Santa's Garden

No photos or video cameras are allowed, apart from the official ones.  There is even a steward nearby to tell people (including me) to put their cameras away whilst people have mock snow fights and strike all kinds of poses.

So as much as I would like to have posted a picture of some people inside the globe to show the full effect of it, I couldn’t take a picture and want to keep on the right side of Edinburgh’s Christmas as Santa has yet to pay his visit down my chimney 😉

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