REVIEW – Hogmanay Carnival, Market Street

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay carnival opened for business in Market Street today.  Edinburgh Spotlight paid a visit shortly after opening this morning, but some rides were still in ‘test mode’, so unable to go on them all.   At the Carnival you will find some of the more extreme rides to compliment the Big Wheel and other attractions.  Open every day from 11am – 11pm until Monday 4th January 2010.

On the 31st, the rides are open until 12.30am on the 1st meaning you could bring in the New Year upside down or spinning round!

This review is not a definative guide of rides available, but covers the main ones.

115ft Booster ride

This ‘Booster’ ride is not for the faint hearted.  Not only are you propelled at speeds of 65mph round and upside down circle of the arm, you twist round at the end as well !  Thankfully this ride was in test mode when I visted so couldn’t try it out 😉

The price for this ride was not available either, despite asking the staff.

Ghost train

The Ghost Train is a family classic and is priced at £3 per person for a ride.

Market Street is very narrow with the Carnival in place and the area can be exceptionally busy, so keep an eye on your belongings and pockets.  Music is pumped out very loudly in the early evening, so if going with kids, be sure to visit in the day time to have a more enjoyable experience.  There are very few rides suitable for smaller children (Ghost Train and Fun House are).

Sticky Wall

The Sticky Wall is great fun and is priced at £2.80 !?  Yes, some of the prices were hand written today and I have a feeling that the prices will fluctuate depending on how busy the Carnival gets with prices peaking on the 31st.  You can also pay 50 pence to view others experience the ride.

My top tip for this one is when you think the floor is about to disappear, strike a pose with legs and arms away from the body at an angle  as it can be quite painful if you are left hanging vertically with some of your bodyweight falling into your trousers.

Music is constantly played throughout the street even in the daytime and is of the high speed techno variety!  No Dean Martin to be found here.

Jumbo Fun House

The Fun House is priced at £2.50 per person and is probably the best value attraction at the Carnival.  There is a lot to do within the attraction such as a moving floor to negotiate and spinning tubes to walk through.  There is no time limit, but you are only allowed to go through it one way.

Freak Out

The ride called ‘Freak Out’ might indeed cause you to do just that.  Priced at £4, it swings you back and forward as well as spinning around, but does not go over the top of the ride / upside down.


There are also a few stalls in which you can win cuddly toys and other prizes by throwing darts or hooknig a duck.  The prices were not displayed for these stalls and again, I have a feeling the price will depend on the time that you go.

Booster rules

All in all, I feel that it’s an expensive part of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay.  You could easily spend £30-£40 and still not have gone on all the rides.  There is also the super bungy in which you are shot upwards into the sky whilst spinning around which costs around £20 per person.  It would be a memorable experience though.

There are food stalls to fuel up but no public toilets.

Suitable for disabled ?    You can certainly visit the Carnival, but none of the rides are disabled friendly.

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