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REVIEW – Firelight by Carabosse

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Firelight is a new addition to Edinburgh’s Hogmanay: an installation on the Royal Mile by French artists Carabosse.

Torches on the Royal Mile

Although the torches looked pretty, the high winds resulted in embers and sparks spewing from them like fireworks. It wasn’t long before the fire brigade arrived to douse these particular flames and the High Street was closed off for a short while whilst the hazard was dealt with.

Luckily, the remainder of the installations were large scale pieces that were judged to be safe. These were mostly around St Giles and in the nearby Parliament Square, and even the wind and inevitable snow didn’t dampen the atmosphere – or the flames – as Carabosse successfully conjured up some fiery magic and mystery on the Royal Mile.


The larger pieces were animated, resembling fiery fountains

Firelight detail

Magical atmosphere on the High Street

Fire and Ice

Carabosse return to the High Street on 1st January from 4-8pm; although it is likely the torches that caused the fire brigade callout will not be featuring!

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4 Responses to “REVIEW – Firelight by Carabosse”

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  2. dan priestley says:

    wicked festival!!! just wonderin who the guy who played the music set was?

  3. aurelien says:

    The guy who played was a french guy, and his name is ORL,i think you can download his music on his website: http://www.myspace.com/orl1

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