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When you are in Edinburgh, it would be hard not to spot a branch of Greggs The Bakers.  There are dozens in Edinburgh and are used daily by locals needing something to eat.

Greggs The Bakers

Greggs The Bakers

If you are visiting town and on a budget, then finding one of these is going to help you.  They have ‘meal deals’ where you get a sandwich, a drink and a packet of crisps (chips) for a couple of pounds.

They have a huge selection of cakes and pastries, which are actually very good.  My favourite is the vanilla slice they do and their fudge donuts.  Oh, and their chelsea bun, in fact every cake is good !

They also sell soup to go, hot pastries with savoury fillings, also known as steak bakes / fajita bakes.  Cold drinks are also available.

Two people could have a filling lunch here for under £5 and that includes drinks !

They also run specials at different times of the year such as Halloween cakes and Christmas snowmen shortbread.

Quick, fast, reasonable food, great for those on a budget or don’t have time to sit down and eat.


Enjoy !!

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