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Urban Angel has two branches in Edinburgh.  The first one opened in Hanover Street in 2004 and more recently, another branch at Forth Street.  This is my preferred branch out of the two as it’s light and airy and has really friendly staff.

Urban Angel Forth Street

Urban Angel Forth Street

The majority of their food is organic, and they prefer to keep things natural, using local sources where they can.  It’s restaurant quality food at reasonable prices.

There is wi fi if you are having a meeting over coffee or simply wishing to surf.  I met my friend for lunch who is writing a book at the moment, so perhaps it won’t be too long before people pay pilgrimage to the place it was written like Harry Potter and the Nicolson’s Cafe !

I opted for the braised bisket of beef with clapshot and horseradish at an amazing price of £7.50 which included tea or coffee.   I had to clarify what clapshot was, I vaguely remember it being some kind of Scottish dish but was getting mixed up.  It’s turnip, potatoes, chives and butter.

Beef brisket and clapshot

Beef brisket and clapshot

The beef was extremely flavoursome and worked well with the clapshot which was beautifully smooth.  It’s not a dish I have tried before, but definitely one I would return to.

Jasmine tea was drunk afterwards, with each pot serving 2 -3 cups.  No time for dessert this time, but I was tempted to get one of their scrumptious looking cakes to take out.

Urban Angel do wonderful breakfasts as well delicious meals such as  Arbroath smokie and haddock fishcakes.  A real mixture of dishes with a taste to suit everyone.

My only  problem with Urban Angel is despite being known to staff at both branches and eating here for 5 years, I could not book a table during the festival period.  I understand that they don’t want to take general bookings, but for locals who supply their business for the other 11 months of the year, I would have liked it if they had made an exception.   I made it known to them over the phone that I was a local and had an 0131 number for them, but they weren’t interested.


Suitable for disabled ?   There are a couple of steps up into the Forth Street branch which would be manageable, but the bathrooms are downstairs.

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