REVIEW – Eteaket, Frederick Street


Eteaket in Frederick Street is one of the numerous tea based cafes popping up around Edinburgh.

I first went when it intially opened as I am offically a Tea Jenny.  I wasn’t impressed the first time I visited, nor the second.  Reviews I read were mixed, mainly complaining about bad service, but the management had responded saying they were short staffed and the problem was now rectified.  My friends who had eaten there were not impressed either.

I  gave them the benefit of the doubt and went back a third time, where this review came from.

Eteaket, Frederick Street

Eteaket, Frederick Street

It was my American friend who begged me to go for afternoon tea there as the place ‘looks so cute’.  Take away the blue and pink furniture, then you have an average decorated tea shop.  The wall pictures are so small, they drown in the space and with Ikea frames, they’re never going to grab your attention.

I am not denying that they have a good selection of tea, but their staff in all three visits could not recommend a good tea for me and you are not allowed to smell the tea before you try unlike places like Tea Tree Tea, where good advice is in abundance.

We were encouraged to hurry up with our order, but with no assistance, I plumped for the afternoon tea for one at £9.85 with a 40 pence supplement as I chose Jasmine Pearls, a rare tea.

My friend chose a cream tea for one at £4.95 including 2 cream scones, again with a 40 pence supplement for White Peach.

A normal pot of white peach is £2.65, so in effect she was getting 2 scones for £2.70, not a bad deal at all.

Cream tea for one

Cream tea for one

This was delivered to our table, 5 minutes ahead of mine and it was explained to use the timer for optimum brewing and taste.

The scones were ok, nothing to write home about.  Not served warm.

My afternoon tea for one arrived, after the waitress came back to ask what type of sandwich I wanted (I thought it was a ‘selection’ as per the menu as is often the case in afternoon teas).

Afternoon Tea for one

Afternoon Tea for one

Not many marks for the presentation, I thought they would have individual sized cake tiers rather than space it out over one meant for two.  Anyway, I got stuck into my sandwich having not had lunch and was disapointed to find the bread slightly stale (also didn’t get the choice of brown bread, that’s what I was given) and the chicken filling nothing special.

The scone, again was ok, but the 3 little cakes were extremely tasty.

Mini cakes

Mini cakes

Overall, I was disappointed with the afternoon tea for the price I paid. If you equate these 3 cakes to an extra scone like my friend had, then the stale sandwich was £5 !!

I brewed the Jasmine tea as instructed with the use of the timer, but it had obviously been sitting brewing before it was brought over as it was slightly bitter when I drank it (a sign of over brewed Jasmine).

The overall service was not good, plates cleared as the last crumb was being swallowed and encouraged to leave as soon as we’d finished.  ‘Do you want anything else ?’ – not at the moment thank you –  ‘I’ll just get the bill for you’.  I understand that this would be necessary if the place was really busy and there was people waiting (I always leave quickly if someone is wanting a seat) but it was a quiet Tuesday afternoon.  No time for a girlie blether at Eteaket.

I know that there will be readers of this article who  disagree with me and perhaps had a better experience.  But with other wonderful tea places in Edinburgh offering far superior afternoons teas, that are not rushed, it’s safe to say I will not be back to Eteaket, no matter how cute their chairs are !

Suitable for disabled ?   No, the cafe is down a set of stairs, although on a nice day, there are seats outside, so you could eat then, but the toilets are inside, down the stairs.

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