FEATURE – Jenners Christmas Tree 2009

Jenners' Christmas Tree

Jenners Christmas Tree

Edinburgh Spotlight loves Christmas, and some of our earliest yuletide memories are of being taken into Jenners Department Store on Princes Street to marvel at the 40ft Christmas tree in the main hall.

Happily, this tradition is still upheld – even with Jenners now having lost its independent status and being part of the House of Fraser group. This year’s tree was sourced from the Duke of Buccleuch’s estate in the Scottish Borders, and was erected last weekend.

When I was young, I always used to wonder how the tree managed to get there (my dad used to tell me they took the roof off and dropped it in by helicopter) – now, older and slightly wiser, I realise it’s brought in through the South St David Street entrance. This is still a major feat, however: Jenners have to remove the revolving door in order to get it in.

The tree was brought in through this door

The tree is brought in through this door!

A magical and traditional part of Edinburgh’s Christmas, Jenners Christmas Tree is definitely worth a trip to the store to see.

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