Welcome To Edinburgh Spotlight

Welcome to Edinburgh Spotlight!

Welcome to Edinburgh Spotlight!

We hope you enjoy visiting this new Edinburgh website.  You can read about who we are and we welcome all feedback to help us provide the best local information for residents and tourists visiting our fabulous city.

Every place we review, we have visited personally and taken the photos ourselves.  In respect of food and drink, we visit a restaurant/cafe/bar at least twice before reviewing.  This ensures that the review is accurate, unless the service is so bad, we don’t waste our money a second time.

We do not tell places that we are reviewing them for Edinburgh Spotlight  if they catch us taking pictures of the menus, food, shop displays etc.   We want the customer service we receive to be as it would be if anyone visited, but we do send copies of our reviews (good or bad) after it has been published.

If there is someone or some place you think would make a good ‘Spotlight on….’ then please let us know.

Follow us on twitter for real time information and join our facebook page.  You can subscribe to the entire site through the RSS feed or by each individual section.

Please share us with all your friends and if you have an event you would like listed, or have suggestions for new places to visit, then drop us a line at info@edinburghspotlight.com or via our contact page.

Deep breath, here we go !

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

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