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Edinburgh Spotlight Recommended!

Run and Become at 66 Dalry Road near Haymarket Station has been the only place I have purchased trainers from over the last 12 or so years. 

The knowledge and helpfulness of their staff is second to none and they endeavour to find you the right pair of shoes for your use whether it is road running, walking or track use.  The staff are all runners / experienced themselves and if you are a first time buyer here, will ask you to demonstrate your walk / run so they can see how your feet make contact with the ground.

A couple of quotes from their website

All our staff are carefully trained to fit customers out with the right footwear, give advice on anything from the best running watch to what you need to eat before a race, and most important of all, to listen to each individual and serve him/her to the best of their ability…………  Watching the customer run gives us an idea as to which type of shoe is likely to be most suitable for the foot strike. Then we bring out as many pairs as necessary, watching the customer run in each of them, working together until we find a pair that works well and feels good.


I am assuming the staff don’t work on commission here like other sports stores, so they are genuinely wanting to find you the right shoe and have no problem bringing out 8 pairs if necessary so that you are happy you are making the right choice.

They also sell a good range of running accessories, again, offering excellent advice on each product.

One new thing I learnt when I was last in a few weeks ago buying my new shoes was that they recycle old trainers/runners/sneakers.  On asking the staff where they go, they said that they are kept by a disaster agency and as soon as they are needed somewhere, they get shipped out immediately to people who will really benefit from them.  So if you have some pairs lying around gathering dust, think about donating them.

After trying on a couple of pairs, I settled for a Nike Air Pegasus set at  75 pounds.  Prices are competitive and if they don’t have your size in stock, they can check availability at their other stores nationwide and have them sent to the Edinburgh store.


Although I am no longer a runner through injury, I do alot of walking and am pleased to say that these are the most comfortable trainers I have worn in a long time and have been test driving them  by walking in them for hours every day.

Have a look at their website  for more background information and the services they offer and be sure to pay them a visit the next time you need new shoes !


Suitable for disabled ?     Yes, shop is on level ground and plenty of room to move around the shop in :)

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