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Though not strictly a lesbian bar, Planet attracts a largely female clientele. It often seems like everyone knows everyone else – a bit like Cheers, only with no Kelsey Grammar, and more gays – which can be a bit intimidating at first, but both the staff and the customers are generally very friendly and it’s a good place to get chatting to all kinds of people and making friends.

Planet, Baxters Place

Planet, Baxters Place

Drinks are reasonably priced, with a few good offers during the week; sadly there are no cocktails on offer, but this is made up for by the novelty of Fanta on tap.  The atmosphere is always nice and laid-back; whereas you might feel awkward walking into some George St bars in anything less than a dress and heels, in Planet you could rock up in a potato sack and Crocs and people would barely bat an eyelid.

The bar has recently been refurbished, and it seems that half of its comfy leather couches have been misplaced in the process.  This which will no doubt be cause for complaint during the busy weekends – like most people, lesbians enjoy sitting.  Despite this, Planet is a great place to chill, chat, and play some pool throughout the day.  At night, however, a mix of pop, dance and R&B gets cranked up so loud that all you can hear are your eardrums, squealing in pain; this is enjoyable for a few drunkards who want a warm-up dance before sauntering over to CC Blooms or GHQ, and presumably the DJ in charge of such noise pollution, but incredibly uncomfortable for everyone else.  In short, the relaxed ambiance makes this a nice bar, but if you are fond of conversation and/or your hearing, don’t bother going here past 8pm.
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