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Edinburgh-based electropop artist, Jarp Sport

Edinburgh-based electropop artist, Jarp Sport

If you drew a line connecting New York, France and London – the current centres of the world electropop scene – Edinburgh would, with a bit of creative cartography, be slap-bang in the middle.

That is one reason Jarp Sport, an infectiously enthusiastic ex-pat Aussie musician, has made our fair city his home. Resident here for two years now and having established a fan-base for his – in his own words – cheesy slices of electropop, Jarp Sport certainly has no plans to go anywhere else soon.

Jarp spent his formative years in Australia in the acting and music industry, on the same management book as Russell Crowe and Olivia Newton John. He eventually realised electropop pulsed through his veins like quicksilver and he yearned to be closer to the scene he loved. As Jarp is from local Scottish descent and had visited and loved Edinburgh in the past, he packed his bags and rooted himself here, a decision he has never regretted.

Jarp is one of those rare breed who believe life is what you make of it and that opportunities are there for the plucking. This positive attitude of never saying no, combined with his talent, charm and addictively catchy music, have seen him reap deserved rewards.

A regular guest artist at Cabaret Voltaire’s Our House club night as well as featuring on rotation on Vic Galloway’s Introducing Scotland show on BBC Radio, Jarp is making ripples in all the right ponds. Indeed, Galloway is particularly impressed with Jarp’s work and is helping guide him towards the correct industry contacts, including publishing houses and record labels.

Jarp is of the opinion that Edinburgh’s live scene is rich with opportunity, provided you have the right approach. He loves its openness and audiences’ appetite for new music, something he believes the always up-for-it student population have a lot to do with.

Playing live is where it’s at for Jarp and he does so every chance he can get. Classically trained, he takes care of keyboard and vocals, whilst long-time collaborator DJ Tony Keo spins the decks to contribute to the Jarp Sport sound. Up-and-coming producer David Mackay has also been a collaborator onstage and off, producing Jarp’s Edinburgh-based material and weaving sequencer-based magic in the background.

Whilst gigging gives him the opportunity to do what he loves the most, Jarp’s positive attitude onstage also pays off in other ways, such as a recent example he cited of a German producer approaching him after an Our House set and offering him a recording slot in Berlin next year.

To some, Edinburgh’s live scene may seem a poor cousin to the likes of London or other musical hubs whether actual or perceived. However, for artists like Jarp, who are willing and able to make their own opportunities, it beats with its own unique and rewarding rhythm that makes it a place like no other.

With this belief and attitude, I have no doubt of his continued and rising success, both locally and further afield. Jarp Sport is not only someone you’re likely to hear more of, but an artist that genuinely deserves to be heard.

Check out Jarp Sport on MySpace.

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