REVIEW – Quick Lunch at Pizza Express


I like the food at Pizza Express in Edinburgh and there are branches all over town.  My personal favourite is the Stockbridge branch which is by the Water Of Leith and is the old TSB bank (for those that remember !)   The service quality changes every time I visit, but today I was impressed with the waitress.

They normally do 2 for 1 vouchers – so hunt around the internet if you need to save some pennies.

My friend had a Diavolo pizza at £8.95 which was full of spicy beef, pepperoni, onions and tabasco with hot green or jalapeno peppers!   A little too hot for me, so I went for the Nostrana salad at £8.75 which is new potatoes, torn chicken breast, avocado, red peppers, green beans, mixed leaves, parsley, a free range egg, served with house dressing.

spicy pizza


There was a lot to my salad and it was really quite filling, especially with the bread on the side.  I absolutely loved salad and this one really hit the mark   :)

Pizza Express does a lovely selection of wine, welcomes children and has always provided sufficient quality of service for me.  Some of the branches are more suitable for disabled than others (The Shore and Stockbridge are both fine) .

Stockbridge Pizza Express

Stockbridge Pizza Express

Suitable for disabled ? The Stockbridge and The Shore branch are fine and have seating on street level, but the branch at the West End has steps up  :(

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