REVIEW – Princess Cabaret


If  Twitter has a royal family, the girls from Princess Cabaret are certainly first in line for the throne (perhaps that makes Chris Cox Prince Charming…)

After a clever and blanket marketing storm using everyone’s favourite new social medium, this talented troupe of Australian comediennes have created an unmissable buzz this year, even featuring in the national press as doyennes of tweeting, hashtags and followfridays.

A newly-awoken Sleeping Beauty is trying to come to terms with the modern world. Jasmine is increasingly tired of Aladdin’s laddish ways. Belle kind of misses the Beast, now he’s back in human form. Cinderella’s having identity issues, whilst Snow White has developed some rather disturbing psychotic tendencies. Ariel’s just a fish out of water, whilst Tinkerbell is distraught at the fact she’s only a fairy…

Princess Cabaret has a brilliant conceit – dragging the Disney heroines out of their happy-ever-afters and into the real world – and the girls execute it well. The put-upon Tinkerbell in particular shines as a narrator of sorts, providing musical interludes on her keyboard as the other princesses rush from one sketch to the next.

Some of this is genuinely laugh-out-loud funny and the humour gets more risque as the show progresses (some of Aurora’s political incorrectness is the sort of thing Jerry Sadowitz might even blush about…) and the girls carry it off with style and energy in a mixture of sketches, song and dance routines.

The climax (word intentionally chosen) is absolutely hilarious and the whole show lives up to the buzz surrounding it, meaning you’ll not be disappointed by it if your curiosity’s been pricked by the Princesses.

I would perhaps have given the show four stars as it stood, but as an example of how acts like this can rise to the top through their own promotional savvy, Princess Cabaret deserves an extra star – perhaps one retweeted by the legions of followers they have now accumulated.

Princess Cabaret runs until Aug 31st at the Gilded Balloon. £7 (£6 concession)

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