REVIEW – Lunch at Tex Mex 2, Thistle Street


Tex Mex 2 is situated in Thistle Street between Hanover and Frederick Street.  I have eaten here many times before and sampled some of their fabulous Margaritas and Mexican food.  No alcohol yesterday lunchtime for the three of us who were dining, we had to return to work after.

They do a business lunch during the week and guarantee to have you out in 45 minutes, which makes it a great option if you work in town.  2 course £8.00 and 3 courses (if you can manage) is £10.00.

The food and service that we received was nothing short of excellent and this is definately in my top 5 places to eat in Edinburgh at the moment.

We arrived at 1pm and as soon as we sat down, we were given a bowl of paprika popcorn which was  a nice touch as I am normally chomping on the table with hunger before I order.    Tex Mex 003

It didn’t stop me going for the three courses though (the other two went for two courses)

The choices are good – nachos, quesadillas (veg, chorizo or chicken), guacamole/salsa with corn chips and bowl of chilli.

Guacamole Starter

Guacamole Starter

The size of my starter was impressive, a huge helping of guacamole and enjoy corn chips to scoop it up with.

Again, for main courses, the choices are good.  Mex burgers, chimichangas, burritos, enchiladas, chilli main and wraps with vegetarian choices.

We were all happy with our mains and the presentation for two of them was beautiful (the chilli looked ok).  The general conversation at the table was ‘mmmmmmm’ and ‘this is delicious’ and ‘what a big portion’,  Will let the pics speak for themselves.

Veg Burrito

Chicken Chimichanga

Veg Buritto

Veg Burrito

They really were all delicious, I sampled all three dishes and my chimichanga was stuffed to the brim with chicken, certainly no scrimping with portion size.

Dessert choice was key lime pie, chocolate brownie or just ice cream.  I am extremely pleased to report that Tex Mex II falls into my extremely hard-to-get-in-category of ‘decent pudding size’  At last, another restaurant that gives you a proper sized dessert.

Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Brownie

Please note that this is a full sized plate and not a side plate!   This is what it’s all about.
It was served warm and was delicious and I managed to help polish it off.
Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie

The Key Lime Pie was also huge, deliciously fluffy, tangy and the biscuit base was perfect.
We did not manage to finish every bit of this, not even between us, the other courses had us admitting dessert defeat.
The Bill

The Bill

We had coffees and teas after and had to have a moment for the food to digest before contemplating getting up.
The staff were extremely friendly, efficient and courteous throughout our lunch.
I have eaten here at the weekend and it’s a great wee place to spend an evening and on the strength of the lunch alone, I will be returning very soon to try out more of the menus and know I won’t be disappointed with whatever is dished up.
Also like the touch of jelly babies with the bill, there’s a child in all of us.  Lunch came to under £30 with soft drinks, tea and coffee plus tip.
Suitable for disabled?      There are 2 steps up and then it’s on one level as well as the toilets   :)
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