REVIEW – The Time(less) Machine


A light casts strange shadows onto the curtain at the back of the performance space, heralding the arrival of Sambor Dudzinski and his Time(less) Machine. As his marvellous contraption comes into view, we see it in its full glory: a wonderfully eccentric giant tricycle affair, festooned with instruments and electronic equipment, the sort of thing Tim Burton would dream up after a night on the town with David Byrne.

Dudzinski is a true artist with a childlike gleefulness in his uncompromising vision. A Polish self-styled ‘art warrior’, he uses his Machine and a succession of original and unique instruments – including his versatile and beautifully mellow voice – to perform a series of interpretations of classical numbers and original (and I mean really original) compositions.

With a style that is uniquely eastern European, Dudzinski at times feels as though he has stepped from the pages of a story book, resplendent in his white fur hat and playful glinting eyes. By the end of the show, when he creates an amazingly quirky and truly unique composition with contributions from the audience, the glimpse he has given into his artistic vision and integrity is a privilege and one that resonates with you long afterwards.

Dudzinski deserves much larger audiences than his show most certainly deserves, and I encourage anyone with a taste for things a little different to make their way along to the splendid Venue150 at the EICC to catch him before he and his wonderful Machine clank, hum and whistle off to delight another audience elsewhere.

The Time(less) Machine runs from 25th to 30th August at Venue150. £9 (£7 concession)

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