REVIEW – The Lost World


The Childrens Shows section of the Fringe programme often contains some hidden gems of magical experiences that are hard to find elsewhere.

Lost World, by The Paper Cinema, is one such diamond. An interpretation of the classic Conan Doyle tale, Lost World is mesmerising and unique. A trio of performers bring the story to life via the use of beautifully illustrated drawings, employed in a modern-day version of shadow puppetry, with their atmospheric puppets and props captured live on video and projected onto a large screen at the back of the stage.

Hundreds of meticulously drawn scenes unfold before our eyes as The Paper Cinema use all their skill and artistry to portray pterodactyl attacks, races through the jungle, camp fire-lit night scenes and more; all the time exploiting the shallow depth of field of the video camera focused on the cardboard cutouts to create scenes that do indeed resemble those from a movie.

Special mention must also go to the live score created during the 45-minute performance. One musician – using layered effects and a computer with guitar, violin and percussion, conjures up a beautiful and haunting soundtrack which complements the action perfectly.

In short, Lost World is a masterpiece of unique and beautiful vision, one I have never seen the like of before, and one I will do my utmost to seek out again.

Lost World runs until August 30th at the Scottish Storytelling Theatre (not Tuesdays). £7.50 (£5 concession)

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