REVIEW – The Kosh in The Storeroom


The Storeroom is the latest production from groundbreaking physical dance company The Kosh, and features the phenomenal Siân Williams in a one-woman show telling the noirish tale of Zoe the showgirl as she reminisces over the glittering highs and seedy lows of her career.

Williams puts in an amazing turn, single-handedly moving the scenery – comprised of packing crates and ladders set in the storeroom of a theatre – whilst dancing, singing, performing ventriloquism and carrying out some quick costume changes. Of those, a particular standout is her split male / female costume, where she portrays both Zoe and Artie, her predatory playboy suitor in a routine which she carries off brilliantly.

As she opens each box of memories, Williams reveals more and more about her dark past, leading up to a finale which is well-executed and perfectly fitting to the stylised mood of the overall piece.

Perhaps what impresses most, as you watch Williams perform a beautiful and graceful routine whilst suspended from a ladder, is the fact this striking and talented performer has been in the industry for 27 years, and possesses looks and movements that would put some half her age to shame.

The Kosh in The Storeroom runs until August 31st at Gilded Balloon. £9.50 (£8.50 concession)

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