REVIEW – The Hotel, Mark Watson


The Hotel is an interesting festival experience to say the least and are brought to you by the people of the Invisible Dot but the main name behind the show that you may recognise is Mark Watson.

Watson for me, is one of the best performers of the Fringe / Festival over the last number of years and anything he produces for Edinburgh will have me in attendance immediately.

I resisted reading any reviews or what happens in The Hotel before meeting outside the Assembly Rooms ready to pay a visit.  We were given a map of where to go and once a rather fiddly ticket collection was over, we headed en mass down to ‘The Hotel’ where we were greeted warmly by a rather familiar looking bunch of staff (cast members from other festival shows such as Idiots of Ants and Superclump).

There are no spoilers in this review, it’s all about discovering the different parts of the hotel such as the dining room, the tv room, the wellness centre etc.  We started at on the top floor and worked out way down opening whatever door we could find and interacting with the staff members (cast).  Fellow audience members were perplexed as to what was going on, some just watching, some interacting like us – the whole experience is rather bizarre but also very funny and comes to an interesting end.

The attention to detail is immense – I can only imagine the weeks of painstaking work to put this show together.  It’s crazy, daft and generally bonkers, but then that’s what the festival is all about.

I would grab our ticket NOW because when the word gets out about this show, The Hotel will become fully booked  😉

5 stars from me – highly recommended

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