REVIEW – Tao, Samurai Magical Drumming


In Japan, the art of Tao drumming is considered so highly it has religious significance, with initiates into the domain taking years to perfect their craft. In Tao – Samurai Magical Drumming, the talented and athletic troupe share some of this awe and wonder, albeit with a show tailored to the sensibilities of a more western audience.

For 70 minutes, a series of routines demonstrate the power of the drum to move: both emotionally and physically, particularly as the beats from the gigantic instruments reverberate around the Assembly Hall and into your bones.

One or two routines are fabulously choreographed humourous routines, demonstrating the drummers’ amazing coordination and timing as they ‘throw’ beats back and forth and play each others’ instruments in a blur of motion and skill.

The standout routines are when the entire troupe take the stage, with live Japanese flute music dodging in and out of the cracks of the percussive storm being brewed up onstage by a hugely talented and extremely entertaining group of spellbinding performers.

Tao – Samurai Magical Drumming runs until Aug 31st at the Assembly Hall. £15 (£14 concession)

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