REVIEW – Life of Si @ GRV / Five Pound Fringe


Life of Si is part of the very popular Five Pound Fringe  5.40pm at the GRV venue.

Life of Si

Sy and Simon were witty, hair conscious men.  The show is based around the set up of their shared flat in London.  They let the audience into their lives a little, by showing  dvd collections, games they play and pranks they pull on each other.

Both of them are extremely talented and their interaction with each other was really well paced and natural.   They were charming and captivating entertainers.  Most of the show was banter between them, but the audience were in on the jokes.

It was different in that the show was broken up with small sections of standup as well as video clips and that really kept the audience engaged.  Who wouldn’t want to go round to their flat for a cup of tea ??

Playing till Sunday, so grab a ticket before they disappear, well worth the five pounds


4 stars  – refreshingly good and they get a bonus point for handing out badges at the end 😉

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